Who We Are

We the team Antarang comprises of former Kakani school’s students class 10th batch of the year 2009. We all are graduates from different professional backgrounds. The main purpose of this event is to boost confidence, generate creativity and give students a proper direction for their future career through guidance by aluminas. All we want to contribute to the development of social, personal and professional growth of current Kakani school’s students. Being a student from Malegaon all of us strongly felt some common problems like lack of resources, the unimportance of education, financial problems, which are also faced by current students from Kakani school. As responsible students of Kakani school, we team members decided to solve these problems. After a lot of brainstorming sessions and meetings, the team decided to conduct an all in one event in our school. We all are working hard to make this event a success and help students reach to greater esteem.

What We Do?

We organize an events for students from 5th-12th standard. This 3-Days event named ‘Antarang’ is  consist of seminars, workshops and interactive sessions between students and aluminas. We organize career counselling sessions, seminars and workshop. The main purpose behind this event to get students proper career guidance and help them to achieve their dreams. Also, this event will generate an interest among students about science and technology which will help them improve their studies. These session will increase confidence level of students about future career. Students will get to know about team work.

Upcoming Events

Career Counselling

Two separate seminars for all 9th-10th and 11th-12th students are planned which will be given by former students who come from different professional backgrounds. Also, tips for personality development and interactive sessions will be carried out further.

Model Aircraft Workshop

All students from 5th-7th shall fabricate a Rubber band powered Model Aircraft. Participants will fly their planes and points will be given according to the time of flight. A small lecture shall be given on the physics behind the aircraft.

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